Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hearing the song of tea

Grand Master sim :
“Have you ever heard the voice of tea? “
Me : “ Hmmm, not really. Being to Tea mountain and bath in virgin spring water –does that count?”
Grandmaster Sim :
“You can hear them right now—the mountains. Spring rain, the wind, the earth and stones of the mountain!”
Me : “ How ? “
Grandmaster Sim :
“Sit up straight, stop slouching, face forward, put the fragrance cup near to your nose, inhale . Do you hear them now ?”
Well in that moment I really did heard the mountain , the rains, the earth and the Tea .
So when you drink tea do you hear the tea voice ? 

 Tea bone zen mind is at 20 hoot kiam road , tel : 63344212