Monday, June 18, 2012

Tea Form

   Forms and Matters of Tea Life
Form is emptiness
Emptiness is Form  
I had deliberately chosen the word color to represent this section. In ancient Tang character it stands for forms and matter.  I feel it represent perfectly my experience of tea ceremony and Tea wares 茶器
Formality is so important in social situation for an uncontrolled social gathering can frequently and quickly decent into Chaos which can be embarrassing to the host. The guest’s inability to react to the requirement of a social occasion also can cause endless shame and embarrassment. Tea ceremonies and all its various form evolved from this principle.
Tea wares are not just utilitarian but give pleasures to our senses. These wares not just serve a function for tea life but they go further to bring us into the state of Tea life.
I also understand it is quite meaningless to repeat what is found in technical books on tea ceremony or learned directly from a tea teacher. What I want to achieve is the readers has a basic knowledge on tea ceremony and appreciate the fine Tea ceramics and porcelains. From this appreciate the cup of Tea better.
   For what is life without tea?

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