Monday, June 18, 2012

Living with nature

To live with nature
This is an old Chinese idiom; we must learn to live with nature.
The current fad of everything organic is driving places like China, Vietnam to clear virgin forest for this selfish quest for so called healthy organic food.  Medically organic food has not proven itself to be more nutritious and healthy! The question of whether organic is really more healthy is still out there? 
If the farmers put tons of organic fertilizer which destroy the water source and poison the lake and ponds. With run off of rain causing erosion and landslide, is it really ethical? Do we have the right to destroy Nature with our dreams of longer and healthier life?
A traditional Taiwan tea farmer told me, “ tea made traditionally is already organic, all this organic this and organic that is really just a marketing tool to make more money!”
Better to go with tradition. Go for the mid mountain tea with an altitude of around 1500 meters and let the farmers get on with traditional farming method. The farmers are more worried about their environment then you. For if they destroy their land they suffers the consequences.  We can show our support by not buying cheap commercialized mercantile traded tea. We should not support slave labor trade and uncontrolled exploitation of nature. This will fundamentally change the economy of tea industry in Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and China. By using Nature’s limited resource to produce quality affordable tea we contribute to the well being of mother earth. 
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